SFTW Trader

Example of a stock with a HOLD signal.

SFTWTrader brings professional trading tools to the non-professional trader. Professional traders use stock price and volume information to analyze how stocks move on a daily basis. Specifically, they look at the open, high, low, close, and volume of the daily bars to determine future price movement. Traders analyze price and volume movements and compare them with previous historical patterns, with the hope of gaining a short-term edge in price movements. This statistical technique, formally named pattern recognition, allows traders to generate an opinion on stocks, even those stocks that are not covered by traditional Wall Street research.

SFTWTrader’s proprietary algorithm generates what we refer to as Robo Picks. You can effortlessly build a watchlist of actionable names with one click functionality. In just a matter of days, you can build a large watchlist just like the professional traders. Even better, your watchlist will generate daily timing signals of Buy, Hold, or Sell, allowing you to closely monitor each stock. The Sell signal is especially important because it gives you an early warning signal that other traders or investors are selling this stock and maybe you should also consider reducing your position.

SFTWTrader scans a database of 2800 stocks every day, including US companies and foreign companies with American Depository Receipts (ADRs). Depending on market conditions, our Robo Picks will generate up to 30 Buy signals, in effect showing you the top 1% of stocks with the largest short-term buying accumulation. This is essential information for both traders and investors alike, since any small edge in short term price movement will greatly increase the potential for a positive investment result.

Stocks for the Week believes in transparency; we tweet our daily recommendations on the SFTW Trader Twitter account.

SFTW Trader is available on iOS and Android.