About Us
About Us

Finding stocks for
long-term investments
shouldn’t be so hard.

Finding stocks for long-term investments shouldn’t be so hard.

Did you know that only 5% of Americans qualify for the services of most “wealth management” firms?

Worse, only 9% of Americans are confident in their retirement investing strategy; the rest either do not invest at all, or they invest in cash or savings plans that will not generate a sum sizable enough for retirement.

Everyone deserves simple, straightforward access to stock suggestions based on solid, statistical recommendations. That’s why we created Stocks for the Week and our signature stock investing algorithm, Market Power Indicator (MPI). Our algorithm assigns a safety score rating to every stock in our database and provides trustworthy transparency factors to help investors and financial planners assess undervalued stocks and trends.

MPI helps investors by

Surfacing lesser-known stocks for potential stock investments.
Providing a stock baseline for comparison, which we call a safety score.
Making it easy to monitor potential or existing investments.
Sharing useful blog posts & resources on stock investing news and advice.

Our founder, Kevin Stewart, worked for more than 25 years in finance before striking out on his own, seeking a fresh approach on stock investing. Although based in New York, the Internet makes it easy for us to provide our transparent stock recommendations and information online, 24/7.

“We all walk around with supercomputers—a smartphone—that possess incredible potential. I saw an opportunity to tap into this potential for the average investor. At Stocks for the Week, we process tremendous amounts of information and use advancements in technology to deliver timely recommendations directly into the hands of investors.”

Our application helps the active investor make better choices on their stock investments. We also help financial advisors make better recommendations for their clients.

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