5 Interesting Trends from the E*TRADE Q3 2015 StreetWise Report
Posted on October 22, 2015 by Andy Hayes

Have you found any interesting trends inside our daily SFTW Investor or SFTW Trader recommendations?  We hope so!  But this week, we’re seeking external inspiration – specifically from E*TRADE’s q3 2015 StreetWise Report (download here).

Here are 5 trends we spotted that might be of interest.

1. Healthcare is a top investing opportunity.

Healthcare is a big topic with investors – and E*TRADE agrees, 68% of the Q3 survey respondents said healthcare offers investing potential. Energy, Information Technology, and Financials round out the top 4 sectors.

We’ve highlighted the areas where healthcare has high safety scores in our SFTW Investor application, but you can also explore the top stocks in any sector when you log in!

2. Investors are checking on their investments weekly, if not daily.

According to survey results, 34% of investors age 55+ check their investments daily! The numbers are slightly less for younger investors, but regardless – at least 38% of those younger investors check their accounts every week.  With the rise of mobile apps in your pocket, we’re not surprised.  (If you want daily stock tips, try following us on Twitter – @SFTW_Trader or @SFTW_Investor.)

3. Investors want access to advice, only when they need it.

On average, around 75% of investors preferred a broker that can help them when they ask, not someone that offers unsolicited advice.  This was consistent across age groups – and is again, unsurprising with the growth in popularity of self service tools and applications for finding, investing, and managing stock interests.

4. Mobile apps are quickly becoming a necessity.

When asked “how often do you use an investing and trading app on your smartphone,” survey responses varied among age groups but were fairly consistent.  On average, 38% of surveyed investors use a smartphone app every week – with over 50% of millennials using apps once a week or more.    Among all age groups, 91% use a computer to manage their portfolio – so regardless of whether it’s mobile or otherwise, investors are going online.

5. Retirement – and 401(k) – is the focus for most investors.

Retirement is the top focus among all age groups of investors – less so for millennials, though. (“It’s the right thing to do” was the second most popular survey response, above saving for unknown emergencies or big purchases!).

401(k) is the focus for almost half of investors aged 25-54, and 37% of investors age 55+ (in all cases followed by a focus on personal savings).  This is again, not a huge surprise and is exactly why we created our wealth calculator to help investors gauge the results of their efforts in savings vs investment accounts.

What did you think of the report?  Share your views in the comments.

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Written by Andy Hayes

is a lifestyle expert and runs his own online magazine, Plum Deluxe. Andy is based in Portland, Oregon.

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