Understanding the High Risk Push Button Portfolio

If you’ve explored our Push Button Portfolios in the SFTW Investor application – our pre-made watchlists that help you quickly filter through our stock database and discover potentially appealing stocks – you might have noticed the High Risk Push Button Portfolio.


This portfolio consists of 30 stocks that have low safety score ratings and high sell volumes.  This is very different than our other push button portfolios, which are mostly focused on high safety score stocks.   A high safety score indicates the strongest viability for long-term price growth, but that doesn’t mean than stocks with low safety scores can’t have future price growth – they just are higher risk.

When to Use High Risk Trader

If you are early on your stage of your investing, then we definitely do not suggest starting with this portfolio – it is, as the name suggests, high risk, and as the description states: these stocks are likely to dramatic price movement.  That could be dramatic price movement upwards, making them undervalued stocks; that could also be dramatic price movement downwards, making these high risk investments.


The High Risk Trader push button portfolio is also useful in watching industry trends; for example, as of this writing, I was interested to note that the Finance sector was predominate in both the Large Cap and Mid Cap stocks, but then Technology is dominate in the Small Cap Stocks.

All of the push button portfolios, including this one, are updated daily, so be sure to check often if you’re actively monitoring for stocks of this type.  You can easily add the daily stock recommendations to a new watchlist or an existing watchlist; if you are looking for high risk stocks, consider starting a watchlist specifically for these types of stocks.

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Written by Andy Hayes

is a lifestyle expert and runs his own online magazine, Plum Deluxe. Andy is based in Portland, Oregon.



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