5 Tips for Making the Most of our SFTW Trader App
Posted on August 1, 2016 by Andy Hayes

While our signature application, SFTW Investor, takes the spotlight with its numerous daily stock picks for long-term stock recommendations, I thought we’d take a moment to highlight some tips for making the most of our sister application, SFTW Trader. SFTW Trader is focused on daily recommendations for short-term stock recommendations, and is an excellent app for watching daily sector/industry movements.

Here are some tips for making the best use of our trader app.

1. Check the Top Sectors/Industries Daily

SFTW Trader generates up to 30 stock recommendations daily. The interesting thing, though, is that our algorithm sorts and organizes the recommendations by sector and industry – and when you click on the recommendations tab, you’ll see the top sector/industry information shown first. (By top, I simply mean the sector/industry with the most recommendations that day.)

Watching this information can help you see which areas of the market are experiencing movement. Compare this to what’s going on in the overall economy at the same time – presidential elections, for instance, earnings reports, unemployment data release, etc. You’ll likely find some connected data points that will be useful in knowing what investment decisions you want to make next.

2. Pay Attention to the Timing Signals

Did you know that every stock in the SFTW Trader database has a timing signal (Buy/Sell/Hold)? If you add a stock to your watchlist, you can see the timing signal on the watchlist page. You can also see the current signal by doing a search for a stock symbol and choosing the company you want to learn more about from the search results). Stocks are Hold by default, and of course the stocks on the daily recommendation list are Buy. Timing signals are also are color coded for easy viewing. Keep in mind the timing signal changes daily.

3. Cleanup Your Watchlist Monthly

To ensure a simplified app experience, SFTW Trader only has one watchlist option. We suggest taking a look at your watchlist more often than once a month, but consider reviewing the watchlist and removing any stocks no longer of interest. This can ensure when you do look at your watchlist, you can focus on the stocks most important for you.

4. Follow the SFTW Trader Twitter Account

We love Twitter (and StockTwits) for researching specific stock symbols and following news on our favorite resources for market news. You’ll want to follow our SFTW Trader account, @SFTW_Trader, so you can stay on top of our daily recommendations. We also tweet the occasional resources and articles to support you in short-term focused investing.

5.Use the Share Function

Your SFTW Trader experience is not limited to the mobile application; in the top corner, you’ll find a share button (your standard style button, different for iOS vs Android) and you can use this button to share the list of recommendations. Many of our SFTW Trader users use applications like Evernote or Google Keep to store a file of the “Robo Picks” recommendations to reference later or on another computer. You can also send the recommendations into an email if you want to share them with you team, an assistant, or perhaps a financial advisor or stock broker.

Keep in mind we do not provide a history of recommendations via the app, so using the share function or adding stocks to a watchlist will ensure you don’t miss an opportunity.

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Written by Andy Hayes

is a lifestyle expert and runs his own online magazine, Plum Deluxe. Andy is based in Portland, Oregon.

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