You’ll find information here for all of our signature applications, SFTW Investor and SFTW Trader.

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SFTW Investor

Our web and mobile application helping investors discover and monitor long-term buying opportunities.

  • Highlights up to 30 daily stock recommendations.
  • Allows users to create and monitor multiple stock watchlists.
  • a proprietary “safety score” rating for stocks, sector, and industry.

Support Resources:
Understand the Various SFTW Investor Recommendations
Understanding the Push Button Portfolios
Definitions for the 11 Stock Sectors

SFTW Trader

Our mobile application helping investors discover short-term buying opportunities and daily market industry/sector trends.

  • Recommends up to 30 daily “Robo Pick” stocks, themed by sector or industry.
  • Delivers a simple, streamlined mobile app experience with app notifications when new picks are available.

Support Resources:
5 Tips for Making the Most of SFTW Trader


Useful Resources

You might find these SFTW resources useful:

  • SFTW Blog: Case studies, stock tips, and more.
  • Stock Talk: Learn all the jargon common to the industry that we use in our applications.
  • Our Twitter Accounts:  Our twitter accounts are a great resource as we tweet stock recommendations daily.
  • Betterment: The largest automated investing service – we recommend it.
  • Our Founder on Seeking Alpha: Detailed stock recommendations and analysis by our founder, Kevin Stewart.


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