What are the best sources for breaking news?
Posted on June 27, 2014 by Andy Hayes

If you’re anything like the team here at Stocks for the Week, you like to keep on top of the news.  Breaking news is not necessarily the best channel for making stock decisions, but it’s a good way to keep informed of what’s going on in the global business community.

How to stay in touch with news updates?  Here are the two best ways to incorporate breaking news into your daily routine with ease.

Breaking News on Twitter

Twitter is a social network perfectly built for news updates.  Even if you don’t tweet, you can setup a free account and monitor updates coming across from other accounts.  Here are some of our favorite accounts to follow:

  • @BreakingNews: This is probably the most followed breaking news account.  They do a great job of narrowing down news into the most important, influential updates.  This service is provided by NBC News, but runs as a “separate” startup inside the company.
  • @BuzzFeedNews: Buzzfeed for breaking news?  Believe it – the site has expanded beyond it’s more playful roots, and this account is a great spot to catch social stories that might not make the bigger news outlets.
  • @BBCBreaking: It’s hard to fault BBC’s global news coverage – we think it’s one of the best.  In addition to their main @BBCNews channel, BBC’s breaking news twitter keeps you updated on events around the world.
  • @CNNBrk: Last but not least is CNN, whose breaking news twitter includes regular updates as well as retweets from other relevant CNN twitter handles.

TIP: Setup a Twitter list for your favorite breaking news accounts, which makes it easy to review news when you have a break to check-in.  As an example, check out Patrick LaForge’s excellent twitter list of global news outlets. While you’re in there, be sure to give us a follow, @Stocks_Week.

breaking news app

Mobile Apps

The other great way to follow breaking news is via mobile apps.  Apps make it easy to check-in while on the go or when you have a moment (waiting in line for coffee, waiting for the bus, etc.).  Most news apps also have notification options, so you literally can’t miss breaking news  – though at times this can be overwhelming!

Many of the companies behind the Twitter accounts above have their own apps – the Breaking News app being one of the best as you can configure alerts to highlight news near to you (pictured above).  Other great breaking news apps:

  • AP Mobile:  If you truly want the earliest notifications possible, then AP’s mobile platform is for you.
  • USA Today: If your only experience with USA Today is the free hotel newspaper, give their mobile app a try.  With great presentation and good curation of topics, it’s a breezy ready for hot news topics.
  • Flipboard: Allows you to read the news like a magazine; Flipboard is an aggregation, so you’ll have to add into the app your favorite breaking news sites or follow one of their many niche topic pages already setup. One of our favorite apps in general, great for catching up on newsfeeds over the weekend as well as for a quick check-in.

TIP:  Download Flipboard (it works on both phones and tablets) and setup your own custom stock-info magazine – Flipboard makes it easy to create custom sections with news from the sources you choose.  Don’t forget Stocks for the Week!

Bonus: A Great Email Newsletter

Once your breaking news needs are covered, may we also suggest signing up for a free copy of The Skimm – a daily newsletter that provides interesting commentary on hot topics and brings topics to the surface you might not be as aware of.  Between our stock recommendations and The Skimm, you’ll have plenty of fodder for happy hour drinks or the weekend’s dinner party.

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Written by Andy Hayes

is a lifestyle expert and runs his own online magazine, Plum Deluxe. Andy is based in Portland, Oregon.

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