SFTW Investor vs SFTW Trader

We have two similar, but very different, investing applications: SFTW Investor and SFTW Trader. What’s similar, and what’s different? Use this handy breakdown to decide which application is best for your needs.

SFTW Investor

SFTW Trader

– Geared towards long-term investors looking to save for wealth/retirement.
– Up to 30 daily recommendations, plus 30 undervalued stocks
– Extensive stock profiles (safety scores, sector/industry information, etc)
– Unlimited number of watchlists
– Available on Web, Android (iOS coming soon)
@SFTW_Investor on Twitter

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– Geared towards those with a very short-term focus on their investments.
– Up to 30 daily “Robo Picks.”
– Only Buy/Sell/Hold signal.
– Only 1 watchlist
– Available on iOS, Android
@SFTW_Trader on Twitter

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Click here for more details on the difference of the recommendations between SFTW Trader and SFTW Investor.

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