You’ll find information here for all of our signature applications – SFTW Investor, SFTW Trader, and the Wealth Calculator.


Getting Started

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Case Studies

Want to learn more about how to put our apps to work for you?  Take a look at some of these examples and case studies diving in to specific features.

For Wealth Calculator, our extensive case studies reside on our sister website,


Useful Resources

You might find these SFTW resources useful:

  • SFTW Blog: Case studies, stock tips, and more.
  • Stock Talk: Learn all the jargon common to the industry that we use in our applications.
  • Our Twitter Accounts:  Our twitter accounts are a great resource as we tweet stock recommendations daily.
  • Betterment: The largest automated investing service – we recommend it.
  • Our Founder on Seeking Alpha: Detailed stock recommendations and analysis by our founder, Kevin Stewart.


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