Our Apps

Stocks for the Week (SFTW) has authored a number of personal finance and investing apps to help those at all levels better manage their portfolio of wealth-generating investments.  Our current applications include:

PlainSFTW Trader

SFTW Trader gives experienced investors a streamlined mobile experience to monitor stocks and discover undervalued stocks.

SFTW Trader is available on iOS and Android.


PlainSFTW Investor

SFTW Investor is our signature application that provides investors with a rich experience to monitor their current investments and discover undervalued stocks across a variety of industries and sectors.

SFTW Investor is available on the Web, iOS, and Android.


plainWealth Calculator

The Stocks for the Week wealth calculator is our critically-acclaimed tool to help both notice and experienced investors better plan for their financial future.  While a simple application, this app helps investors make smart decisions now that will have big impacts later.  Available on the Web, iOS, and Android.

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