Our Revamp of SFTW Investor for Android is Live!
Posted on February 1, 2017 by Andy Hayes

We’ve been hard at work for months preparing a more streamlined, easy-to-use experience for you across all of our applications.  The new SFTW Investor for Android is Live – download it here from Google Play.

sftw investor for android

If you are a seasoned SFTW Investor user, don’t worry – no functionality has been removed, and the screens are essentially the same, just simpler layouts and flows.  We’ve also fixed a handful of bugs and minor errors here and there.

For now let’s walk through what’s changed in this version.

investor dashboard

Improved Dashboard and User Experience

Across the board, we’ve rolled out a design experience that uses both color blocks and cleaner, crisper layouts to help you navigate our SFTW Investor app with ease – even those screens that are heavy on data and information.

The biggest change is likely the dashboard, where the visual flow allows you to see both the newest daily recommendations, as well as access overviews of your watchlists, all in a glance.  But if you navigate into our detail pages, you’ll find the easier-to-read screens continue.

One new app-wide feature: we’ve implemented a color-coding scheme to tie stocks to their sector.  This helps you quickly identify the sector breakdown in any of your watchlists, but you can also use it to see what sectors are trending in any of our recommendation screens.

You’ll also find it much easier now to create a pre-made watchlist from one of our existing watchlist sets (formerly called push button portfolios).

investor charts

Improved Charts

We know that charts are important for you, and we’ve worked very hard on both our chart information and design to make them easy to use.  You’ll find the stock chart by navigating to an individual stock profile, then tilting your device to see the chart.

One important change to note is that currently, when you open a stock chart for the first time, we default the chart to the ‘max’ view (showing as much data as possible).  We do this as SFTW Investor recommendations have a long-term focus, and we want to emphasize the long-term history to help illustrate potential future performance (and also provide context for any buy/sell signals currently active for the stock).  You can easily change the view of the chart via the boxes at the top.

New:  Mobile Push Notifications

One of the most common requests we’ve been asked for is implementing push notifications – and now they’re here! If you have an existing account, you’ll have to opt in for the notifications that you want – you’ll find the settings under the Profile option at the top of the slide out menu.

Currently there are 3 notification options:

  • Daily Stock Recommendations:  Get notified when our daily stock picks are available.  (Note there are no recommendations on days the stock market is not open – e.g. weekends, holidays.)
  • Sell Timing Signal: Get notified when a stock in one of your watchlists has a sell timing signal.
  • Buy Timing Signal: Get notified when a stock in one of your watchlists has a buy  timing signal.

We hope to offer more notification options in the future, so please give us your feedback on how you like these features!

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Written by Andy Hayes

is a lifestyle expert and runs his own online magazine, Plum Deluxe. Andy is based in Portland, Oregon.

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