How to Spot Market Trends in SFTW Investor
Posted on December 13, 2016 by Andy Hayes

One of the most powerful aspects of our SFTW Investor application is the ability for our algorithms to help surface trends and patterns in the market.   Sometimes these trends are obvious, and sometimes they are more obtuse.  Here are four ways for you to use the data and features in SFTW Investor to look for market trends.


1. Look for popular sectors/industries in the daily recommendations.

SFTW Investor includes a number of daily recommendations, both the top recommendations that you see right in your dashboard, as well as the daily undervalued/overvalued stock charts.  Take a look at the recommendations set above – all of the stocks for that day are in 2 sectors, Technology & Services.  This suggests that these sectors are poised for strong performance based on the latest market data.   Keep an eye out for potential investments in the sectors that appear frequently here; the same applies elsewhere in the app.

2. Watch for changes in sector/industry safety scores.

We’ve talked about before on how to utilize our sector/industry safety score pages to understand the overall sentiment of our algorithm looking at the data in the marketplace.  In general, the sectors with the higher safety scores and the sectors with lower safety scores do not change rapidly – but any sudden fluctuations in this section could indicate future price movement.  (We do not provide any app notifications for this section, since changes are so infrequent, but it’s an easy-to-read chart to check on a regular basis.)


3. Use our news (custom) feeds.

Our investor app has news feeds at the bottom of the page throughout the site.  Did you know that the newsfeed displayed is custom to where you are in the application?  The most powerful feature of this newsfeed is on the watchlist page; the newsfeeds there are based on the stocks in your watchlist, so you could create a watchlist specifically to look at stock news.

You’ll also find sector newsfeeds in the Sector/Industry safety score sections, as well as a stock-specific newsfeed on individual stock profiles.


4. Look at the Bearish Trending and Bullish Trending Push Button Portfolios

Last but not least, our Push Button Portfolio feature contains a powerful combination of pre-made watchlists:  the Bearish Trending and the Bullish Trending portfolios.  These update daily and feature 30 of the top stocks in the market that have consistent signals towards upward or downward price movement.  In the preview of each watchlist, you can see which sectors are in the list (called the “watchlist composition”) – and note, these change based on the large/mid/small market capitalization filter.  You can use this composition chart to see if there are sector(s) consistently showing up in the bearish or bullish list.  You can see the chart in the preview – you don’t have to create a watchlist to make use of this feature.

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Written by Andy Hayes

is a lifestyle expert and runs his own online magazine, Plum Deluxe. Andy is based in Portland, Oregon.

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