Benzinga Fintech Awards Recap: 3 Key Takeaways
Posted on May 27, 2016 by Andy Hayes

fintechLast week we were thrilled to not only participate, but be acknowledged, in the annual Benzinga Fintech Awards. This year’s event was much, much larger than in previous years, with more attendees, more exhibitors, more presentations, and more networking!

We are also grateful to announce that Stocks for the Week was named Best in Class for Trading Idea Platforms & Apps. 

We know many of the other nominees in the space and are thrilled to be recognized in this way.

As one of the evening’s award winners commented on Twitter, Benzinga is “the Oscars of #FinTech.”  We couldn’t agree more, and wanted to share 3 key takeaways from the event.

1. Fintech is growing fast, and has a lot of room for future growth.

The amount of investment going into Fintech products is growing exponentially – and continues to grow.  Some of the biggest players in the industry were at Benzinga, looking for the next great innovations and to get a sense of where things are headed.  This tweet sums it up pretty well:

If FinTech had a SFTW Investor safety score rating, we’re pretty confident it would be a high one.  The overall industry is still ripe for technology disruption and innovation; at the consumer level, we’re only starting to see these products becoming mainstream – great examples being growing brands like Wealthfront or Betterment.

2. Collaboration is a theme of Fintech.

You don’t have to look hard to find partnerships in the Fintech space – whether it’s between the traditional banking brands and young startups, or small startups banding together (such as the Xignite API Ecosystem).  Collaboration helps increase creativity and helps make more possible as it seems to avoid the “recreating the wheel” problem. While we’re not ready to share all of our partnership and collaboration news, we will say that we’re hoping to participate in the Fintech Sandbox, another great example of how Fintech startups are working together. The saying might be cliche, but it’s true: the rising tide raises all ships.

New York is becoming a Fintech innovation hub.

While we might be biased being based in NYC, but New York is showing strides in its base of Fintech startups – in fact, if you look through the Benzinga Awards finalists, New York seems to be the most popular location, eclipsing Silicon Valley.  One could argue that if the awards were held in San Francisco, the numbers might change, but it’s clear that New York is not going to rest on its traditional banking laurels.    NY also has the Fintech Innovation Lab and plenty of other Fintech startups not featured in the awards program.

Big thanks to the organizers at Benzinga who worked so hard to create a classy, product event – see you again next year!

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Written by Andy Hayes

is a lifestyle expert and runs his own online magazine, Plum Deluxe. Andy is based in Portland, Oregon.

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