Meet Our New 11 Stock Sectors

Our signature application, SFTW Investor, helps you discover undervalued stocks.  We provide safety score ratings for not just individual stocks, but also overall stock sectors and industries.  And in order to help you more quickly discover potential stock opportunities, we’ve partnered with Y-Charts to bring you more detailed information, helping you filter stocks more quickly and […]

5 Apps For Low-Budget Investors

When people think about terms like “investing” or “stocks,” it can be easy to conjure up mental images of high rollers in suits–people who have a lot of expendable income, who speak about finance in a different language and with advanced jargon, and who live for the ups and downs of the market…who even know […]

How to Keep Your Head During Market Events

One of the hardest things to do as an investor is to keep your head — especially during market events. We are going through uncertain times right now. There’s been a nice bull run, but the potential for a major drop is growing. While it’s not always bad to use your emotions in your investing […]

Are Retail Stocks Still a Good Investment?

One of the sectors taking a beating in recent years has been retail. If you think about it, it’s not really that surprising. With the rise of the online shopping experience, it’s hard to imagine why going into a brick and mortar store would be preferable to shopping in the comfort of your own home. […]

Google Keep: The Best Note Taking App

Keeping track of your ideas and inspiration is very important – who hasn’t had a great idea while on the bus or train and then blanked when you got to your desk?  I know it’s not just me! That’s why I wanted to recommend this week the note taking app that I’ve fallen in love […]

5 Spring Reads to Expand Your Critical Thinking

There’s blend of evidence that being well-read can lead to being healthy, wealthy, and wise. And it’s been awhile since we’ve made some book suggestions so we thought we’d share a fresh batch of picks for those rainy weekend afternoons. Shoe Dog How hard is it to build a billion dollar business? Have some appreciation […]