Should You Invest in IPOs?

In the last few years, we’ve seen interest in IPOs. A lot of people like to think that they could invest in IPOs, getting in when a company first releases shares of stock to the public. The hope is to get a good deal, and then ride the rise of the price. However, before you […]

Expanded Fundamental Metrics Now Available

If you’ve been checking your SFTW Investor watchlists lately, you might notice your stock profiles have a lot more data in them.  That’s because we’ve expanded the amount of fundamental metrics data available, thanks to our partnership with Y-Charts. Recommendations with Transparency While our MPI algorithms help you scan the market and find undervalued stock […]

Snapchat IPO: The “Morning After”

Anticipated Wall Street darling Snap, Inc (SNAP), parent company to Snapchat, had a breakout IPO early this year, ranking only behind Alibaba (BABA) as the most successful tech IPO in recent history. However, plenty of investing experts had doubts about its sustainability. After the company turned in an abysmal first quarter earnings report, it seems […]

Is Bitcoin a Good Investment for Your Portfolio?

In recent years, there has been excitement around the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. In fact, the price of Bitcoin is above $2,000. For those of you keeping score, that price is higher than gold right now. So, does that mean Bitcoin is a good investment? Should you rush out to get your hands on this cryptocurrency? Maybe […]

Meet Our New 11 Stock Sectors

Our signature application, SFTW Investor, helps you discover undervalued stocks.  We provide safety score ratings for not just individual stocks, but also overall stock sectors and industries.  And in order to help you more quickly discover potential stock opportunities, we’ve partnered with Y-Charts to bring you more detailed information, helping you filter stocks more quickly and […]

5 Apps For Low-Budget Investors

When people think about terms like “investing” or “stocks,” it can be easy to conjure up mental images of high rollers in suits–people who have a lot of expendable income, who speak about finance in a different language and with advanced jargon, and who live for the ups and downs of the market…who even know […]