What You Need to Do to Protect Yourself from Fake News

The irony of which notwithstanding, fake news is the current headline everywhere – and although some say that fake news can’t damage stock performance over the long term, but we’ve already seen that fake news headlines can cause stock price fluctuations. Although Facebook and Google have vowed to help eradicate this problem, it isn’t going […]

Understanding the High Risk Trader Push Button Portfolio

We’ve talked at length about our push button portfolio feature – a pre-made, curated set of watchlists updated daily.  These watchlists can help you find undervalued stock investment opportunities – such as the popular stocks, or bearish vs bullish lists. However, one of our push button portfolios is unlike the others – the High Risk […]

5 Things to Know About Stocks in Your Portfolio

When you look at stock information, most apps present a deluge of data and information – everything from standard stock info (such as last close price) to custom or proprietary metrics.  The amount of data available is exhausting, particularly now that the internet has made stock data easily accessible – and likewise, the amount of […]

What to Do if There Are No Stock Recommendations

If you’ve logged into one of our stock recommendation apps regularly, you may have found yourself facing a “no recommendations” notice like this one: This isn’t an error; in fact, it’s a feature!  If our algorithms cannot determine stocks poised for growth, we don’t recommend them.  This can happen if the stock is experiencing a […]

4 Tips When Using our SFTW Investor Stock Charts

One of the most powerful pieces of information in the SFTW Investor application is the stock chart.  It’s also the functionality that is perhaps most understood (and we understand that, with all the various numbers, it can be confusing). Fret not.  Make the most of the SFTW Investor stock charts with these 5 handy tips. […]

3 Reasons Why Our Stock Recommendations Aren’t Updated Real-Time

If you’ve logged into our SFTW Investor application a weekend or public holiday, you might have noticed this message before viewing any recommendations: It’s a reminder that all of our stock information and recommendations are not updated on weekends or holidays.  Stock data is refreshed nightly, so our applications do not feature real-time updates.  Why? We […]

Why A Low SFTW Investor Safety Score is Not “Bad”

One misconception I encounter often when reviewing our SFTW Investor stock recommendation app is regarding high and low safety scores.  To refresh your memory, the safety score uses a variety of data points to calculate this figure, a number from 0-100.  The higher the safety score, the higher the likelihood that this stock is poised […]

5 Tips for Making the Most of our SFTW Trader App

While our signature application, SFTW Investor, takes the spotlight with its numerous daily stock picks for long-term stock recommendations, I thought we’d take a moment to highlight some tips for making the most of our sister application, SFTW Trader. SFTW Trader is focused on daily recommendations for short-term stock recommendations, and is an excellent app […]

Sectors & Industries To Watch, Summer 2016

We’ve talked about the various ways that our SFTW Investor application can help you explore new ground in sectors and industries.   Today, we’re taking a temperature check by using the Sector Safety Score indicator page to explore what sectors and industries are showing strong indicators for long term growth. Our data changes daily, so […]