Americans Aren’t Investing — We’re Here to Help
Posted on May 20, 2013 by Victoria Pascoe

Recent news and social media buzz around the low numbers of Americans currently participating in the stock market have brought up a few key considerations we’d like to take the opportunity to explore. In Stock Markets Rise, but Half of Americans Don’t Benefit, New York Times economic reporter Catherine Rampell highlights the fact that the number of Americans who have money invested in stocks has been gradually falling, despite recent gains in the market.

Only 52% of American adults have invested money in stocks; Gawker writer Hamilton Nolan blamed the low percentage on two major factors: 1) fear of the stock market and 2) lack of funds to invest in it. While this might be a somewhat oversimplified, we appreciate that fear of the unknown and general confusion about how to safely invest in the stock market are a major barriers keeping possible investors wary of the market and therefore uninvolved.

This lack of understanding ties directly to our purpose at Market Power Indicator – simplifying the stock market. We’re here to break it down for new investors, small investors, potential investors that have concerns about the risk implicit in choosing to invest their hard-earned income, and investors who simply don’t know where to start.

How we make it simple:

  • Education: Our Resource Section is continuously updated with articles, FAQs, recommended reading and other resources to help bring you up to speed.
  • The Watchlist: We keep an eye on your current stocks or potential investments and let you know if there’s any change in our alert.
  • Recommendations: We make simple and clear stock recommendations using in-depth technical analysis of every stock. Learn more about how our Recommendation Engine works here.
  • Accessibility: We go where you go and keep you in the loop – you can download our iPhone or Android app to receive alerts on the go. And if you’re at your desk, try our handy Web App

We strive to make investing more approachable by providing resources that facilitating your ability to invest in the market and work towards achieving your investment goals. We’ve developed the tools you need to participate in the market with more confidence.

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Written by Victoria Pascoe

is an events producer and blogger for Stocks For The Week. She organizes brainstorming parties to engage and learn from Market Power Indicator users, and produces online content and videos to help beginner investors.

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