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Our watchlists feature helps you easily organize your stocks in categories (own, want to own, client A, client B, etc.)

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Our investing algorithm helps you discover undervalued stocks, while giving you valuable insights on existing investments.

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Our weekly email digest highlights new stocks and advises you on changes to stocks in your watchlists.


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Financial analysts and investors from all over the world use our algorithm to make smart decisions on where and when to invest.

I appreciate that Stocks for the Week breaks down investing, the stock market, and the longevity of your money into the simplest explanations. After the first event, I gained more confidence in my approach to tackling the market.

- Richard Turrentine

Being able to take my financial future into my own hands is very important. With tools such as the Wealth Calculator and mailing list, I have everything I need at my fingertips within seconds.

- Angelo Wong

Our Secret Sauce

We call our proprietary algorithm Market Power Indicator, and we know you’ll love what’s under the hood. Our algorithm assigns a safety score rating to every stock in our database and provides trustworthy transparency factors to help investors and financial planners assess undervalued stocks and trends. Market Power Indicator is a powerful tool for building strong portfolio poised for long-term growth.

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